Letters from America

Last August I moved to America – to Charlottesville, Virginia. So far the U.S. has been fascinating, and super fun. But there’ve been a few things either lost in translation, or just wonderfully strange. I’ve tried to record some of them here:

Everybody’s Called ‘Chuck’

I haven’t blogged for a couple weeks because I’ve been in the middle of moving to America, to Charlottesville, Virginia, where I’m taking up a post-doc at UVA. My wife Holly has v self-sacrificially come with me. I intend to write a series of letters from America, or letters from a flyer-over state. This is the first.


Landed. Slept. Woken. Wandered round. A University older than the country it’s in; colonial settlements tucked in amongst rolling hills; everything very verdant; sunken soccer pictures; UVA freshmen and freshwomen (aged 12? 13?) streaming across ‘cross-walks’; stand-alone wooden houses with side porches; many also with charming little Greek letters hanging above their lintels – to help classicists revise?

Now, to construct a new life for ourselves. Holly and I make a list. Cell phones. Bank accounts. Tennis courts. Levi’s store. Country club membership. Health insurance. The basics, in that order. We need to prioritize with a ‘zee’. Continue reading