Ethics & Society

Here are a few opinion pieces on a bunch of stuff: moral dilemmas which aren’t going to go away; misguided political priorities, and social problems we don’t like to talk about. Plus some more ‘reportage’-style pieces on life in the city:

Will technology change the abortion debate?

Maybe viability is the wrong question.

As through a glass clearly

A new translation. 577 pages. And in English, my language.

Package-Deal Ethics

Ready, aim, fire, kill. A single shot was all it took.

On Human Rights

Human rights—all things being equal.

Family is the key for breaking the reoffending cycle

Lord Farmer’s review on prison reform, launched this week at the…

How to reform the care home system

The care home residents had been left on the landing in wheelchairs.

What we must learn from the tragic case of Charlie Gard

I teach bioethics, and the temptation is to design classes around rare cases.

In defence of offence

On Tuesday the Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) announced a crackdown on gender stereotyping.

This assisted dying bill would be a disaster

We must keep the door firmly closed on euthanasia – even in cases of terminal illness

Blue Labour and its paradoxical peer

Maurice Glasman’s agenda for the common good appeals to both the Right and the Left

Distributism Isn’t Outdated

G.K. Chesterton offers a vision for economic and social change that’s still relevant in the age of the iPhone

Religious Liberty is for Losers

Catholics in Europe found that if they wanted freedom themselves, they must demand it for all. American Christians should take note

It’s time to rethink our attitude to abortion

New evidence will reopen the abortion debate. But when it does clinging on to old ideas would be a mistake

Paul Ryan, the Republicans and a new approach to poverty

In July Representative Paul Ryan unveiled sweeping policy proposals to tackle poverty in America

Britain, Too, Is Coming Apart

Charles Murray’s book “Coming Apart” restricts its analysis to the US—but much of it could also describe Britain

The Turbulent Minister Is Right

Senior church leaders in the UK have attacked Iain Duncan Smith’s welfare reforms. But do they really get what he’s trying to do?

The liberal dilemma

The revelation of extensive sex-selective abortion has again pitched cultural relativism against the idea of gender equality

Hidden Cornwall

I remember Cornwall for its beaches and ice-cream. But a visit to the county’s largest urban area revealed shocking poverty and violence

The fight for our lives

If the Assisted Dying Bill goes through, how will we stop terminally ill people from feeling pressured to hasten their own deaths?

Would you intervene?

Presented with the choice after witnessing a man assaulting a woman, I felt compelled to step in. I got more than I bargained for

Flawed logic of our abortion laws

An unrealistic emphasis on autonomy turned ‘viability’ into the sole criterion for aborting a foetus

All the lonely people

The elderly isolation crisis and what to do about it

Parable of the stupid Samaritan

I tried to help a disorientated stranger at a hectic train station. To the irritation of the state’s representatives

Blank cheque to the boomers

The care lobby are backing proposals to subsidise the housing wealth of the middle-classes. But this has eclipsed the plight of the poorest elderly

Love in the ruins

Taken to a shanty town for drug addicts In Madrid, it feels like I’ve arrived in the tenth circle of hell