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These articles are about albums, films and books currently rockin’ my world:

The brilliant David Bentley Hart

Finally, a religious writer who can play with the big boys

Rev: so good it’s dangerous

In the acclaimed comedy about a London vicar the church is not master of its own appearing.

The Iniesta of Hollywood

Found dead in T-shirt and shorts, with a needle in his left arm and 70 bags of heroin in his apartment. I really can’t believe it.

’12 Years a Slave’: a review

A superb new film vividly portrays the use and abuse of scripture by slavers to justify their evil acts

Violence in John Steinbeck

Merely a cursory glance at Steinbeck’s writing reveals the central presence of violence

The best albums of 2013

As the new year beckons I count down the best albums of 2013

Here’s Johnny

An interview with the sickeningly talented actor and folk singer Johnny Flynn