Here are a few pieces on a bunch of stuff: life in the city, misguided political priorities, and social problems we don’t like to talk about.

Here’s Johnny

An interview with the sickeningly talented actor and folk singer Johnny Flynn

The Fight For Our Lives

If the Assisted Dying Bill goes through, how will we stop terminally ill people from feeling pressured to hasten their own deaths?

Would You Intervene — Or Pass On The Other Side?

Presented with the choice after witnessing a man assaulting a woman, I felt compelled to step in. I got more than I bargained for.

The flawed logic of our abortion laws

An unrealistic emphasis on autonomy turned ‘viability’ into the sole criterion for aborting a foetus

All the Lonely People

The elderly isolation crisis and what to do about it

The parable of the stupid

I tried to help a disorientated stranger at a hectic train station. To the irritation of the state’s representatives

A blank cheque to the baby-boomers

The care lobby are getting behind Andrew DIlnot’s proposals to subsidise the housing wealth of the middle-classes. But this has eclipsed the most pressing issue – the plight of the poorest elderly.

On disability

Hans Reinders, the prominent Dutch theorist, has written a very moving book about disability. But there are problems with it.

Love in the ruins

Taken to a shanty town for drug addicts In Madrid, it feels like I’ve arrived in the tenth circle of hell.